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Julia Flegar

Viện Đào Tạo Thái Bình Dương
5 Năm
Số 87 Nguyễn Khang-Trung Hòa -Cầu giấy -Hà Nội
  • Working for POc at the centre, but also teaching weekly in Nam đinh, Thai Nguyen High School Grade 10-12 and in Bac Ninh where I mainly work with Primary School students, Grade 1-3. I also specialize in IELTS speaking where I work with adult students on a one to one basis and help them with conversational and practical English.
  • Worked for Shelton Development Group and teaching in Nam dịnh from Secondary School level up to Grade 11 in the Public School System.
  • Teaching English as a foreign language for students of different ages and capabilities.
  • Teaching at four different schools and establishing good rapport with students and Vietnamese teachers alike.
  • Reason for leaving Shelton Development Group, 
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